Cardig Logistic Indonesia -

Cardig Logistics Indonesia is an independent provider of Integrated logistics solution distributing goods throughout Indonesia.

From its origins more than three decades ago as a forwarding and distribution company, Cardig Logistics Indonesia has been helping companies get their products to customers quicker and more cost effectively.

Cardig Logistics Indonesia specializes in integrated logistics solutions .Through its expertise as a third party logistics specialist and its focus on utilizing advanced information technology, Cardig Logistics Indonesia assists its clients to increase service while reducing costs. Cardig Logistics Indonesia (formerly GoTrans) tailors solutions to specific clients’ needs, involving clients’ staff in the development of effective atternatives, as well as the formulations of recommendations.

Cardig Logistics Indonesia is a member of the Cardig International Group of companies. It is one of Indonesia’s leading logistics provider in the Electronic, Airline Industry, Consumers Goods and Telecommunications Industry.